YeCheez is an online portal which is bringing all hostels and other rentable residential, nationwide, available on the internet.
Our apps and website allow people to find, reserve and pay for place seamlessly - wherever and whenever they need it, either in advance or on-the-go. By pricing our spaces intelligently, we offer users a much better deal, being up to 70% cheaper than pay-and-display.
As in this era, a huge part of many businesses is done online, so YeCheez brings a variety of hostels, flats, houses easily available through the internet.
YeCheez aims to create ease for both users, people who need a hostel or a rentable place, and property dealers and hostel Owners.
It is very hard to go from hostel to hostel to find the suitable one.
If you are going to stay in another city and you need a hostel or a flat to stay there, YeCheez is here to help you with it.

What's in it for Users

This will help users save a lot of time and money rather going from hostel to hostel and viewing different sites.
With YeCheez, people in need of hostel room can view a variety of hostels, flats and houses on our website, chose the right one according to the desired area, space and expense.

What's in it for Rental Providers

It is very important for all kind of service providers to be present on the web, because in this era everyone wants easy solutions and ways to increase sales and eventually profits.
Hostel Owners, rental providers and other property dealers can have an online appearance of their business through YeCheez portal.
It will bring more buyers than only having physical appearance.
It will save the time of negotiations and having tiresome meetings with different people every day.
Mainly it will help them boost their sales. Along with sales it is a very bright opportunity for marketing your hostel or rentable property business.